Join The Business - We Are in 51 Million Homes on Roku and 50 Million on Amazon Fire TV

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Join The Business - We Are in 51 Million Homes on Roku and 50 Million on Amazon Fire TV

If you’ve been dreaming about having your own TV show it’s time to stop dreaming and start broadcasting. Talk Show, Church Ministry, Sports, Reality Show, Food Show, Music, Education, Technology, Business, Network marketing, Infomercial – We can make it come to life for you!

And instead of writing checks to air your program by participating in building our international network you will pay nothing for your program each week and instead you will receive funds each month.

New Options for Participating in LifevisionTV






* Your Own Personalized Version of the LifevisionTV Website

* Refer Your Friends and Relatives to Your LifevisionTV Website to learn about us and Order Exciting Products like Books, DVD’s, & Cutting Edge Entertainment and Communications Tools

* Receive 10% of all Sales Generated from Your Site

* Have Your Own Back Office to Monitor Your Sales, Commissions, and Down-line


$78 one time

* Includes Everything Above

* Includes Roku Streaming Media Player

* Receive $10 signing Bonus for Every Person that joins as a $78 Subscriber from Your Website


$299 Annually

* Includes Everything Above

* Broadcast Your Programs to our International Audience

* Your Programs are Available on Demand 24/7 on Roku and on PC's, Tablets and Smartphones on our website and YouTube Channel

*Offer Your Books, DVD's and Material to our International Family

* Receive $100 Signing Bonus for Every Person, Church or Business that Joins as an Associate at $299

* Receive 5% Each Month on the Billing Generated by Your Associates





$500 Setup Fee


Less than Local Radio

* Includes Everything Above

* Broadcast Your Programs on Our Roku Platform (over 20 Million Potential Households)

* This Tier Requires Programs to Meet national Broadcast Standards of Half Hour Formats

* This is a Live Linear Broadcast Channel where Programs Come on in Scheduled Half Hour Intervals

* Half Hour Shows will be Shown 2 Times per Week

* We Will be Seeking to Add LifeDirect in Major Cities Around the World and Your Program Will be Included in Our International Expansion

* Five Free Spots per Week

LifeDirect Pro

$800 Setup Fee & $200 per week

* Includes Everything Above

* Half Hour Show 2 Times Daily 6 Days per Week!

* 10 Free Spots per Week

* These Shows Will Lead our International Expansion and will be Featured as We enter Each New Market

Go to the Home Screen or Store to Select Your Level of Participation